Fiction that unlike New Weird, Steampunk, or Slipstream, is at its core not only about squid, but about the symbolism of squid as color-changing, highly-mobile, alien-looking, intelligent ocean-goers. As a powerful ecosystem indicator, the squid is a potent symbol for environmental rejuvenation. Squidpunk is almost exclusively set at sea and must contain some reference to either cephalopods or to anything that thematically relates to squid, in terms of world iconography and tropes. Squidpunk is never escapist or whimsical. It is always serious and edgy. This combination of a hard punk aesthetic with the fluid propulsion system common to the squid has produced a unique literary hybrid beloved by Mundanes and Surrealists alike...


Paul Di Filippo • Sarah Monette • Jay Lake • Felix Gilman
Michael Moorcock • Stephen Baxter • John Scalzi • Shelley Jackson
H.P. Lovecraft • Elizabeth Hand • Caitlín R. Kiernan • Henry Kaiser
Jackie Collins • Jack O'Connell • Matt Staggs • Johnny Depp • Jewel


“Make it stop. Please make it stop. How do I make it stop? Stop!” —Locus

“Ewch o ma'r diawl!” —Cheryl Morgan

“Ahm workin’ on me furries novel, so get owt.” —Hal Duncan

“I ain't sayin’ it be bullcrap, but I does smell somethin’ fishy.” —John Clute

“I like chipmunks. I like hedgehogs. I like meerkats. I like waffles. I do not like squid.” —Anon